Helping Your Child Rev Up for the Day

It always comes – we wake up in the morning and we begin hoping that our little ones will have a great day at daycare. Daycare prep is essential for the little ones, just as it is for our older children because it helps put them in the right frame of mind for their day. Imagine going off to work in a less than ready state. This would likely effect your entire day. Taking the time out to help center our children is an important start. Here are a few tips to get them off on the right foot:

Speak positively about the day ahead

Regardless of whether you feel a bit nervous about the day, speak positively to your child about the day. Bring up things, which they are sure to look forward to, like their friends, their favorite snack time, their favorite activities and teachers. While it’s important to not avoid those things that might make them a bit anxious, you don’t want to give those things too much focus, unless your child wishes to discuss them at length.

Smile and speak with a good amount of body energy

While we don’t want to overdo it and look like jumping beans, we do want to relay positive energy behind the words which we are trying to convey to them. Children, like adults, absorb some of what we are saying by HOW we are being spoken to. So while we may sometimes relay positive things in words, we may not always feel them as being “true” unless we see accompanying body actions. The positive body language helps enforce what we are saying to our children. Similarly, if we are concerned, we want to relay our concern in our voices and faces, so that is also relayed effectively.

Remind our children about what is planned

It helps our children to prep for their day when they are aware of what’s to come. Will it rain? Will there be snacks? Will there be a trip? Will they require money for a snack? Will they need to prep themselves for speaking in front of class? While some of these things can be unnerving to some children, relaying these things with zest and positivity certainly helps.

Leave Your Child with a Smile and Gesture

Our lives are really about routine, but that being the case throughout much of our adulthood, who says it needs to be dull? Get in the routine of having a typical farewell “goodbye” and gesture. This can include nicknames you use for each other at home, family handshakes or secret gestures that are known to only the two of you. These types of things help you to not only leave your child mentally on a positive note but to also cement the positive tone for the rest of their day. What better way to help your child with daycare prep than to give them a great start to their day? Pick them with the same amount of zest and positivity. The best way that we can enforce in our children that they are indeed important to us is to remember to “light up” when we see them. Being a positive force in our children’s lives helps to instill in them confidence, strength and resilience.