Hello all you preschool Moms out there!

We are six new Moms who have found each other out and about in the neighbourhood and banded together for support. We have learned so much helping each other through the first year of our children’s lives we decided we should share with the rest of you.

Also, we’ve had lots of fun together….and a few tears….as you can well imagine!

We’ll introduce ourselves as we start writing. You’ll see quite quickly that we don’t always agree on how to raise our children, but we have had thoughtful, sometimes over-the-top discussions about absolutely everything from the kinds of nappies we use and the how-to books we buy to the best way to say ‘no’ to a sweetie pie.

Not all of us are first time Moms. One has a 10-year old in school and another has a toddler at home….so you’ll see many perspectives in our collective experience.

It didn’t take long for us to realize the importance of ‘me’ time so we’ve also figured out a schedule for babysitting for each other, even for an hour or two…..just long enough for a manicure, bubble bath with a glass of wine, or a lovely dinner with the forgotten spouse.

Part of our journey these past months has been walking alongside a stay-at-home Dad so, please, remember (nearly) everything we’ll have to say applies to those courageous men too.

Join us for a few pearls of wisdom and much laughter!